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[HEARTHSTONE]Electricity Industrial Sports Marketing Strength



  E-sports sales in 2019 ushered in an important turning point,Because of the non-industry related brands such as American catering brand Arby’s and the car, etc.Also transfer e-sports from experimental marketing budget to the core sponsor list,Promote the overall development of the recent years,Honda Auto (HONDA), Coca-Cola and other well-known brands have made achievements,This is a new expensive in the future.Nowadays, it has become a promotion market that all major brands are interested in.I am eager to set up this high-speed fast train.

  Commercial sponsors have been more than 20 years of history in electricity and video games.Intel (Intel) and red cattle and other sponsors have held an electrical competition in about ten years ago.According to the data platform Statista of the online statistics platform,More than 200 million people worldwide often watch their favorite video game players “play”,It is expected that by 2022,This number will increase to nearly 300 million.These positive data,Plus the energy in the social mass improvement,Perhaps in recent years, enterprises pay attention to electricity as the advantage of marketing channels.


  Today, the number of people playing “League of Legends” and the number of people playing tennis.(Getty images)

  Over ten years,The speed of electricity is very amazing,The number of audiences has been super more traditional sports projects.With a lot of money investment,Generous bonuses and income also attract a lot of new generation youth people who like to play video games,The industry seems to be unresolved.however,Even if the electrical compete has various kinds of conditions,Industry people still point out the current shortcomings in the line,It seems that this hot-growing sports, the new, there is still a way to go.

  Currently,One of the large-scale electrical competitions in the world is the League of Legends.It is launched by US company Riot Games in 2009,Currently by Tencent, China’s largest technology company.It is estimated thatThis player of this game, the player of the game, and the number of people playing tennis.And there are about 8 million people to go online at all times.Its professional players are also more.last year,”League of Legends” World Champion League is 4,4 million people watch,More than the number of views of the last NBA finals.

  ”League of Legends” currently 12 professional leagues all over the world outside Africa,There are 120 joining teams and about 1,000 professional players.When the world’s first 200 tennis players are troubled by the epidemic,The “League of Legends” players are 7.50,000 US dollars (about 58.130,000 Hong Kong dollars) Minimum annual salary guarantee.North American “League of Legends” Ambassador Chris Greeley said thatProfessional players are still close to $ 400,000 (approximately HK $ 3.1 million) this year.The average annual salary last year was $ 300,000 (about 232.HK $ 50,000).

  Asia,South Korea is still a leader in the industry’s improvement.But China is constantly chasing.There are a number of measures against electricity activities in mainland China.Dial out 1.$ 4.1 billion (about 10.HK $ 9.3 billion) Subsidy international electricity in Hainan Island.Hangzhou government construction electricity small town,Including an area of 5,200 square meters of electricity venues,Here is the location of the home office of the China League of Legends, which is sponsored here.There is a store, training college, and an electrical competition-themed hotel.

  These these are proved whether it is an investor or government agency.In recent years, it is also very active to put the resource development electrical competition.Take a vote of this emerging sports project.Optimistic about its development prospects and potential.


  The world is now vigorously developing electrical competition.(Getty images)

  Industry lack of diversity

  current,Although the development of electrical competition welcomes new situation,But there are still shortcomings and difficulties to be resolved.first of all,One of the problems developed by electrical competition is lack of diversity.Including gender single,Even if female participates in electricity, it has grown,Only in the world’s 100th electric electionNo one is a woman.

  Aoife Wilson, a video of the British video game media Eurogamer, said: “In professional games,The number of women in the electrical cell industry is still serious,But this is not surprising.”He believes that the situation cannot be solved by hiring a large number of women.Instead, women can develop in various categories of the industry.The industry should also make the young generation of girls pay attention to professional game boundaries and electricity.I agree that it can be successful, stable and popular.


  Currently,There is no one in the world’s 100-year-old echo.(Getty images)

  E-competition is not as good as other sports.For example, society does not encourage children to play video games in schools.Most amateur teams are only existing on the Internet.The way to participate in the career competition is not clear.

  current,The industry’s development is mainly in professional players, competitions and game development,For the development of the overall ecotrous circle, the professional position other than the player is still to be strengthened.

  on the other hand,Although the outside world is less worried about violent games, violence in reality,But there is a new worries.last year,Canada has a lawyer who represents the parents of the two families.Pingering game business Epic Games hire psychologists to participate in game design,Let the “fortnite” becomes addictive.


  In recent years, the hot e-game “Fortress Heroes”,It is easy to be addictive.(Getty images)

  As for Hong Kong,The development of the electricity industry is not clear,There are only dozens of full-time players.Lin Rongxiang said,Local electricity selection, the day of shooting night for more than ten hours,After that, you may win in a certain game.”Out of the head” in the terms,It is difficult to get widespread recognition.

  Lin Rongxiang pointed out: “In 2018, Hong Kong also has an Asian Games champion.Game from “HeartHstone”,This achievement is very powerful in the electricity circle.But there is no resonance in the local.”


  Lin Rongxiang said,If you fail, you may not stay in the development of the electricity.

  Electric competition is like the past comics?

  Deng Yu Li and Lin Rongxiang blamed the problem on the high cost and opportunity cost of Hong Kong.Deng Yu Li said,Local parents have a negative impression of electricity,How to make it positively is what the industry is doing.He said that the situation is similar to decades,”At that time, many Americans thought that comics were not good.Gay gay,Strike,Trigger a lot of protest parade.But now watch comics and animations become parent-child activities.Superman is the role of many children like.Nowadays,The situation of electricity is similar.”

  For the future of electricity,Lin Rongxiang refers to: “E-sports must have a post,The players are involved in electricity in more than ten years old.It may be necessary to retire for more than 20 years.But what is the road?”Zhengping is a badminton coach, he pointed out.Friends who are full of badminton around the feathers can engage in coaches after retiring.Even university is willing to let the retired athletes return to the campus,However, there is no similar arrangement when the electricity is competing.

  in fact,The development of electricity is very rapid,Relative to the traditional sports project,Its achievements can be described as blue.But Lin Rongxiang takes personal experience,PES football game is launched,Even if it is not a full-time player,He also thought about it to maintain a level and played good results.It may be four or 50 years old.”Only his admire:” I have never thought about staying in the electricity.Because you can’t do a game tutor,There is also no professional qualifications to make electricityist,I believe that I will leave the electrical competition in the future.Focus back to this business,Do most of the work of consultants,Share experience.”

  future,I believe that it is necessary to strengthen the links and supporting each link.The front road of the electrical industry and electric election will go even more smoothly.