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[Eagles Madden 21]Congratulations on the 100th anniversary of Go Ahead EAGLES for advancement Football Club!


  time flies,Years are like a shuttle.

  Go Ahead Eagles advanced eagle ushered in a commemoration of the anniversary of the 100th anniversary.Looking back in a hundred years of history,From broken to the wings,The forward eagle is constantly moving on the road.

  ▲ Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Go Ahead EAGLES


  Review the past,Unforgettable

  Go Ahead Eagles Advance Eagle Football Club with “Home of Football” as slogan,Stick to the spirit of the family of centuries,Will unite the hearts of sports competitive winds.


  A hundred years ago,GO AHEAD EAGLES before the Eagle Event,The club training competition in the stadium in the center of Detel.

  ▲ Netherlands Tony Sponsored Go Ahead Eagles advanced eagle

  However, over time,DEVENTER is gradually developing into a industrial city.More and more football clubs move the court to the suburbs of the city,But Go Ahead Eagles advanced eagle still did not leave.


  Now this stadium has become a monument for the European Stadium.It records more than just a hundred years of history,It is also the struggle of the Eagle of Go Ahead Eagles to move forward in GO AHEAD EAGLES.



  Centennantly brilliant,Century wonderful

  The DEAVENTER Stadium Accompanying Club has taken a hundred years of wind and rain.There is no irreplaceable position.Recently Go Ahead Eagles advanced eagle renovated the stadium,The Netherlands Coldec Group also provides a full range of help.I hope you can watch sports events more comfortable here.

  ▲ DEVENTER stadium before renovation & renovation

  For the 10th anniversary of the eagle that celebrates Go Ahead Eagles,Original plan is to hold a party in the football home.But because of the current renovation,The time of the party is postponed,In order not to let everyone down,Special decision to make a long series of TV programs,Replaying the famous competition that has happened in the stadium.


  The wonderful events such as European football competitions and international tournaments will be replayed in the program.Revised the trend of the eagle of Go Ahead Eagles.Centennantly brilliant,Not only the wonderful century,It is also the wonderful people in the club!


  Work together,Futures

  For the 10th anniversary of the eagle that celebrates Go Ahead Eagles,The Netherlands Coldec Group also supported the arrangement of the club anniversary activities.At the same time, I also hope that Go Ahead Eagles will come forward to create new achievements.Excellent yourself on the green field!

  ▲ 帝 football home VIP VIP room

  Since 2016,The Netherlands Coldec Group signed a cooperation agreement with Go Ahead Eagles.Carry forward football culture,Provide a stage for many young people with football, full of hard work,At the same time, the spirit of the eagle will continue to incentive with the growing progress of Coldec itself.

  ▲ 2019 帝 考 欧 欧 行

  Dutch Hanki joins hands with Ahead Eagles into the eagle football club,Advocating the spirit of physical education,Adhere to positive movement methods,Achieving a win-win situation in health and life,With a strong vitality,Constantly grow,Gong climb!