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[Hitman 3 Contracts]American New Star Hitman: 1.31 orcs the weakening offline and 120 and FOCUS 55


  Interview: Rehcram

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  Written: Tolkin

  More 2 worships,The 2019 Gold League will be officially opened.Like other 19 participants,Hitman is also prepared in tight,As an American in the Americas,He seems to be ready to do something.

  Lift the Americas,The word “mysterious”, “wild”, “unrestrained” in your mind will always emerge.indeed,Before the geography discovery at the end of the 15th century,The Americas have been living outside,Keep away from the mainstream civilization circle of Eurasia,Even when the colonists embark on this magical continent,It is found that the largest livestock is actually alpaca.Inca, Aztek,These ancient civilizations rapidly fall under the invasion of European guns and pathogens.

  The American Warcraft is like the history of the Americas,The ancient trend era,The American World of Warcraft once emerged,Shortround has broke into the WCG’s finals,With the king sky, it is high,The US dark night player Wizard also won the championship in ACON4 winning suho and deadman.of course,We can’t forget the non-mainstream people AKM with bloody law.That is the best era of the American World of Warcraft.

  But very quickly,They are depressed,It was until it was forgotten.Last few years,The Gold League and WCA will start to invite the American players to participate.Hunter, Danger, Longwalk and others have also achieved some achievements.For example, Hunter has taken 120 and TH000 a small point.Longwalk is almost 000,But they have no exception.Did not get a victory (division).

  The American players who participated in the Golden Lace becomes Hitman.This just hitting WAR3 competition has reached the top level of the Americas (and many people are optimistic about the most powerful players in the Americas. “Let us take a look at his interview.

  Full of confidence,Offline and FOCUS and 120

  Hitman, born in 1996, is only 23 years old this year.Fully practice Warcraft is only 1 year,Before he was a star 2 player.In 2015, I also eliminated the Chinese player Jim.The strength should not be underestimated.But there is this,Hitman did not participate in any offline events,Insufficient experience in the online game may become his largest short board.

  despite this,He is still confident,And said that he has experienced long-term load training (online delay),After coming to the line, he will definitely demonstrate real technology.Group games,Hitman believes that Some of Focus and 120,Confident, he doesn’t know if he can bring us surprises.

  Q: You just played Warcraft a year,But it is obviously unlike a newcomer.Tell us how you played Warcraft and other games.

  Hitman: Warcraft has just started playing.I am only 23 years old now.So, I also had an eight-year-old subsequent.I started to have been playing for a few years.Convert in the state of the pit and regression.I first played the battle and some RPG,Such as Footmen Frenzy, Island Defense, And DOTA.Really starting to play the ladder is starting before and after 2008.Then I went to the Star Warcraft after the StarCraft 2 came.I have invested a lot of time on the stars.In the worm version,Half of time I stayed in the segment of Master 1.As a result, I found that I am just a powerful ladder.I have participated in many games everywhere.But except for the WCS World Championships, I haven’t slipped.Didn’t have a result.

  I will take the stamitus 2, I will leave the spike.Because I don’t like new design.After playing for 2 years Dota2,I finally returned to Warcraft last summer.Start seriously playing the ladder.I can only count over a level before.But I have the foundation of the StarCraft 2.I am playing faster, I am playing Warcraft.Especially when I see the researcher is coming soon.I feel that I can’t leave World of Warcraft.At least before Saibu 2077 came out.At least so far,Warcraft is very special for me.


  Whole 2019 Hitman’s record

  Q: In addition to the results obtained by these Cup,Another important reason you are invited by the Golden League is probably your NetEase ladder record.Is the delay affects you?

  Hitman: It is very difficult to delay.In addition to delay, Netease platform has other series of annoying problems.For example, the line, the mouse and the sound bug,and many more,These are all talented keyboards.But if I want to conduct normal training,I have to overcome these difficulties.Some kinds of aspects,The delay made me stronger.Because you can’t stand by,I have to start from the strategic tactical level.Less access to the situation that needs to be spelled.This way,Compared to the issue of decision-making strategy,Operation is a good time.In this way,Delay is more focused on me.

  Q: Before the Golden League,Have you experienced other similar online game experience?

  Hitman: I only participate in the online match of the WCS World Championships in Star 2,In Germany,Still very interesting.I feel that I am very easy to play because of nervousness.But the results,I was still outlined.Unfortunately, because I have given up the next round of competition.But this experience is still very good.

  Q: Your team has Focus, Chaemiko, romance and 120.How do you evaluate each opponent?What is the result of the ladder and their hands?


  Hitman: The strength of the paper,The difficulty of this group is third,(After B, Group C,Group A is relaxed).I follow this in the ladder to meet 20 times on the ladder.Chaemiko and romance will be more difficult to play,Because I played a relatively comparative dish.I really feel that I am playing 120 and focus.More confident,Although most people think they are stronger than that of the two people.My Netease ladder is almost the result.But I clearly know that Netease’s ladder is very different.FOCUS should be the easiest to play,Because he uses the weakest beast like me.We are the same starting line.

  1.31 balance is general,Funity

  On the balance problem concerning everyone,Hitman said that the beast is still the weakest.But even so,1.The 31 version still has more novel tactics.This also makes him feel more fun.

  Q: With a view of a beast,How do you think about the balance and diversity of the mainstream playing?

  Hitman: I think 1.30-1.The patch started with the 31 version,Every race has brought rich new gameplay.The mainstream play is not stopped,There is always some things you have never seen before.Specifically to a single confrontation,I think uvo is still very interesting.ORC civil war is currently more funny,Small y big ass combination directly mixed the situation in a mess,In AZ, TS diagram,I didn’t solve the flash shield.The three play is currently very common,In the face of small y big butt portfolio,Three are often necessary,Unless you are INFI,Can be defeated with a fly firman,Of course, the bureaus on both sides is also very common.At present, this confrontation is still in a state that has just been developed.So many details I have not allowed.Niuhe people now have a chance to play,But don’t lie to me to play.

  Playing UD is very fun,Because now I often hit 2 mines 2 mines,And it is also very high for operational requirements.Full of fun.Playing NE can now play,Because I don’t have it now, I don’t have it.But as long as the night is willing to use,The beast is the same as white.If you don’t want HUM, it’s too hard to win.This confrontation is actually quite interesting.Some difficulties areThe troops needed to play people are difficult to grasp.Shaman, Feilong, Dragon, headhunting,This troops are difficult to distribute,It is also difficult to operate.

  In short,I think the current (balance and diversity) is the best.As 1.When I came out, I came out,I am someone who believes that Blizzard should be back-in-one.But the current tactical diversity makes me like this version.The balance may still have to work hard.But interesting is already very enough.

  The re-copy version is great.But I will play classic version

  In the moment,The new screen of the re-copy version has caused some people’s controversy.Hitman said,I am still more accustomed to the classic screen.

  Q: If the copy is coming out,Do you think the US service will become enough competitive?Will you want to stay in the US service or go to Netease Terrace?

  Hitman: I only know when I arrive.If the Asian players fight back to the ladder,Then it will have competitiveness.From what I know,Blizzard seems to have the idea of trying to match the global ladder.I don’t know if it is true,If so,That’s in front of the most powerful players in Meixi.

  Q: How do you think about the interface style of Blizzard in the researcher?

  Hitman: I think they have walked a big step in the right direction.Obviously,There is currently huge improving space.But overall, I sincerely appreciate everything made by the rebatery team.This is my objective evaluation.Personal subjective,I won’t abandon the classic picture.You have to tie me to let me play the re-version screen (I will play).I think this can switch the function of the researcher / classic version.I will definitely adhere to my personal habit.

  Q: Rumet said that Blizzard programs modify a revision balance for approximately 3 months.And the map will be “very frequent” update.As a player,You think you are more prone to achievements in a changing environment.Or more hope (in a stable version) slowly grinding yourself until it is perfect?

  Hitman: I am a player who wants to polish the details.I am not the kind of person who will always have a new idea and create a play.In terms of me, I will copy the job.Then dry grinding improvement makes it more suitable for myself.If I can make me in the unchanging gallery, I have been playing for several years.I will definitely be very happy.But this doesn’t mean there is no new thing.Every day, players will find a more optimized play on the map of more than ten years.

  Q: What is your biggest expectation for the upcoming copy version?

  Hitman: More convenient to change the key function,A larger player base,Improvement of the overall experience.I am looking forward to all aspects of the game except the picture.Fortunately, I can choose a classic version,So the entire game gives me a very positive change.Finally, I want to say,I always think that Warcraft is the most fun game,Blizzard can be achieved by making me a better and better wish of Warcraft.