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“Nekopara” animation launches new character, light green hair cat girl


Some time ago, the well-known FPS game “Nekopara” announced that it will launch TV animation, and released a promotional PV. Although I don’t feel particularly amazing when looking at the painting style, it still belongs to the kind that can be watched. The quality of the game itself is OK (referring to CG), fans’ expectations are also high.

“Nekopara” animation launches new character, light green hair cat girl

I originally thought that the animation was just an adaptation and restoration of the game, and the story in the game was re-run, but the new information released recently shows that the animation seems to be more than that. There will be a new cat girl in the animation, although I don’t know what the name is for the time being. The name, but the character design has been released.

Why is “Nekopara” so popular?

This cat girl has light green hair. It looks like the little one is a loli cat girl. Yuka Morishima will be the voice actor. This is a girl who was born in 1997 and belongs to 81 Produce. She has participated in “Wake Up, Girls!” “New Chapter”, “The Slave Magic of the Demon King and the Summoned Girl”, “Flying Fighter Girl” and other works.

The new cat girl also appeared on the animation poster. It seems that this TV animation will be different from the game, but will there be some new plots? To be honest, I’m quite satisfied with the vertical pictures, dubbing, and CG of “Nekopara”, but I personally don’t catch a cold, it’s relatively weak, the process is short, and there are no ups and downs. I don’t do much when playing games. Care, of course, the focus of the game is not this, so it doesn’t hurt.

However, if it is to be adapted into an animation broadcast, the majority of the audience still watch the story. Even if you want to make the cat girls sell cute for 20 minutes, there must be a reason, right? It may be a better choice to re-make a story. Personally, if this kind of animation can be made into daily-oriented stories like “Leisure Everyday King”, every episode will tell the happy daily life of the cat ladies. I think it should be better, preferably male. The protagonist is also like “Leisure Everyday King”, do not make any noise, quietly as a human background board, beautiful.

In addition, according to previous information, all the cat ladies in the game will appear on the stage, so there is no need to worry. The official has also announced the news of the fourth game of the game, and all the promotional posters have been made public, but there is no specific release date. I personally think that it will be launched together with the animation at that time, or even do some linkage, after all, it is my own work, and it is more convenient to get various activities.