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Nekopara animation OVA will be broadcast soon. Why does this little butter spread all over the world?


On December 30, 2014, a “first-person shooter game” quietly logged on to the Steam platform, causing an uproar in an instant. Players who have played have said:

“I have never played such a fun shooting(R18+)!”

“Too excited! I can’t seem to control the majestic power of the crotch M14!”

“Stop talking, Wei Tian magic wand!”

Yes, the name of this game is “Nekopara”, also known as “Chocolate and Vanilla”. More people would call it “Fuck Cat” affectionately~ This work can be said to be the most successful “cosmopolitan” at the moment. Butter, most of the butter may be limited to Japan or China, but Nekopara is going out of the island to the world.

Nekopara Nekopara

At the end of last year, Nekopara opened the animation OVA project production team. The goal of NEKOPARA’s OVA animation project is to raise US$100,000 for a 20-minute animation. For every additional US$100,000 in funding, the animation length will increase by 10 minutes, and the maximum limit is 60. minute.

And the result? It only took 42 minutes to complete a $100,000 crowdfunding, and a week later, it reached $437,000! After the last round of sprints, it reached 963.376 million US dollars! Amazing my cat! The dead house is so rich!

In fact, I personally feel that if Alipay and WeChat are not opened, breaking one million is not a problem at all…

Nekopara Nekopara

From the steam sales statistics table, China’s dead houses are still the largest purchaser, but I did not expect the United States to be ranked second, and the third is the Heisei settlement in Japan.

So why does Nekopara have such a big charm? As an AVG game, Nekopara’s plot can be said to be very mediocre. The entire process does not even have an option, which means that the game has a single ending and no branch. All players can do is click the mouse and untie the belt… Cough! Simply put, the plot and gameplay are non-existent! If you want to compare it with another classic butter “Fantasy Wanhua Mirror”, the latter is much more interesting in terms of plot depth and gameplay. Although Wanhuajing’s popularity is not low, it is obviously not more successful than the cat.

To discuss the reasons, first of all, Nekopara’s style of painting is very appetizing for the dead. In short, it is “practical” very high, and some CG is still dynamic…hehe, old drivers know it.

The second is naturally sayori’s keen business sense. No one has ever put a little butter on steam before Nekopara. Nekopara is the first person to eat crabs. Since then, more 18X games have opened the door for submissions, making steam later. The direct adult version is forbidden, it must be patched. Therefore, as a pioneer of revolution and a pioneer in history, Nekopara naturally gained the earliest and highest popularity, and was the first to start user operations all over the world, leaving behind other Japanese butter clubs that have rested on their laurels. Although it has a single plot and no gameplay at all, it is precisely because of the “simple and rude” selling cute meat that makes the audience wider. After all, not everyone pays attention to the lengthy text plot, and more people are ” Those who come here to experience the piston movement are not just talking about SEX being the first productive force.