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The success of the initial development of “NEKOPARA” is indispensable to the huge market and small competitiveness


The success of “NEKOPARA” is both a lucky and a curse for Sayori. Aside from the black history, Sayori’s own painter has not improved; from “NEKOPARA” 1 to “NEKOPARA” 4, you can’t see the traces of the passage of time at all.

In all fairness, the quality of “NEKOPARA” is not high. Sayori’s original paintings are hard to be called the best in the industry, and the quality of the scripts is obvious to all. “NEKOPARA” is more like one of the many cute works in the Japanese industry, rather than a high-quality work that can fly in the air. The success of “NEKOPARA” is more about standing on the wind.

The initial success of “NEKOPARA” stems from the expansion of the market and the lack of competing products. The influx of new players has not come into contact with a lot of GALGAME. For them, the dynamic CG and E-mote’s “NEKOPARA” undoubtedly make them hard. Although “NEKOPARA” was only a humble work in the huge GALGAME market when it was released. The artist Sayori’s style was pretty good at that time, and dynamic CG and E-mote were also cutting-edge in that era-especially on Steam, where the number of GALGAMEs is scarce.

The growing trend of the number of GALs on Steam does not correspond to the gradual increase in the number of domestic Steam users. In the face of an increasingly large domestic market, at this time, the low price, the built-in Chinese, and the ability to unlock “NEKOPARA” with patches have naturally entered the field of vision of domestic players.

Over time, more and more GAL manufacturers have entered the steam market, not to mention the operation of locking the country. A lot of cute works have landed on Steam. They are all uninteresting boiled water plots. They are all based on people as their selling point, and they are all low prices. However, whether it is a cafe with loli or an idol with music, without exception, no work can replicate the success of “NEKOPARA”. The reason is simple, because this road is fast food, fast-food consumer goods are especially easy to be replaced, it is difficult to have a very stable market. But for most manufacturers, it is originally a particularly low-cost work, and it doesn’t matter if you can’t make a lot of money.

Every story in “NEKOPARA” is plain and plain, because a lot of pen and ink was wasted because of plain plain. It can’t be finished because it is plain and plain. One thing that can be finished in ordinary Galgame, “NEKOPARA” as a division method has not been finished. The rhythm of the plot is really the trajectory of the teacher and the flash. Moreover, as the front line of the “NEKOPARA” series is getting longer and longer, the advantage of cheapness no longer exists. The four and five works alone are more expensive than the well-received GALGAME masterpiece.