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[Almonds Price Per kg][5.23-5.29]Australia launched new regulations!Victory is in the city!No. 97 Gold high frequency patch update!



  This week’s patch

  After recent epidemic of India,The Australian government has made new regulations on the policies of entry.

  Specify that the passengers who ask for boarding to return to Macau before boarding 8 hours before boarding.The second nucleic acid detection must be accepted.The purpose is to reduce the number of diagnosed people.


  This policy has been experimenting.Previously,The Australian government has also introduced similar regulations on Indian volatment flights.Effectively reduce the number of infections in the northern collar isolation facility.

  Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said,After the introduction of the secondary test,The infection rate in Northern HoWard Springs isolation facility has dropped from 13% to 1%.

  Since it has been verified,The result also confirmed effective.The Australian government naturally wants to promote more extensive.Thus thoroughly reduces the number of people outside the overseas.


  ”The reason why the immigrant is required to accept mandatory isolation in the hotel.It is because the best detection method in the world cannot immediately get results.But after the introduction of the secondary test of the boarding,It can reduce the ratio of infected people infected.”

  This regulation is just used on the flight of the antecerance.

  other information,Everyone can see in this article –

  A large number of international students apply for a rejection!The entry new rules are about to be launched,June PTE high frequency machine is released!

  From 11:59 yesterday,The Melbourne area will perform a 7-day blockade.Enter the third stage to block again.

  The blockade will last until 11:59 on June 3.

  The third stage blocking includes these limitations:

  School suspension,In addition to weak children, nursery center;

  In addition to the necessary industries,The retail industry is all closed;

  Party, wedding cancel,10 people funeral;

  Leave five reasons (work, exercise, medical, buy essential, vaccine),And 5km restrictions again online;

  Family party does not exceed 2 people;

  It is necessary to wear a mask anywhere;

  The hotel restaurant industry is close,Takerside only.


  For details, everyone can poke this –

  Vizhou Fengcheng,Anti-Chengcheng parade broke out!Xinzhou will then pilot plan!

  Everyone is learning PTE whileDon’t forget to brush the ikkedu platform,Don’t miss every new question.

  Nowadays,We released the ninth high-frequency machine through the gold version of the patch!Everyone only needs to reply in the public number dialog box “5.29 patch,You can get the PDF version of the patch file.Simultaneously,Intimate, a big squad leader, will also release the entire gold machine released by the high-speed version of the network.Everyone can receive it once.Never worry.


  Previously, the gold version of the high frequency machine was released.There is a use of it.The production and update of the black technology high-frequency machine will be programmed, systematicallyThat is to say,You don’t have to spend your own time to compare, find the wrong and perfect,This part of the work of the work is doing.

  The gold version of the high frequency is more than a month.Small a week.

  Great meant,It will replace a large number of high-frequency questions per month.And send a high-frequency version of the gold.

  Small mean,It is the topic of the change to the public number every Saturday.As a “patch” of the gold high frequency last month.

  We see the version today,It is the complement to the perfect version released this week.Don’t forget to save your collection.The lower side is the positive piece –



  The Verdict Depends on Which Side Was Moreconcing To The Jury.



  7824 Smaller Brain

  Memories points: the keywords in the original text have Smaller,Evolution,Generalists,Can do everything, Specialists


  7815 Pharmaceutical INDUSTRY

  IT IS About a hundred Years Since Thatgreat Canadian-Born Physician Sir William Osler, Regius Professor of Medicinein Oxford,COMPLINEDABOUTTHE Increasing Influence of the MedicArtical Industry on the MedicalProfession. HE Would Beturning in His Grave At the Way The Industry Now Dominates Doctors’prescribinghabits. ITDOES THIS NOT Only by Direct and Indirect Pressure on The Doctors Themselves,But also byencouragingthepublic to ask for scripts.

  7816 Almonds

  And One Particular Crop, Almond in the usand now in Australia, iStransformingThe world of beekeeping and of offes. What has happened is what thing thing sothingserendipitous Came Along That People Found Out, That Doctors Found Out Thatalmonds Arealmonds Arealmonds Arealmonds Areal Mon, Aconfection, But it’s good for you. The Almond Board Got A Very AggressivePromotion Going ON for Almonds. THEY ACTUALLY, I Just Heard Recently, Send Outsales REPS TOCARDIOLOGISTSAT HOSPITALS to Promote The Heart Benefits of Almonds. In a Very Goodpromotion of Almonds, And it’slegitimatepromotion because the isy is a healthy food.

  7817 DrOP in Share PRICES

  Well, THE SIMPLE EXPLANATION Might BE ThatyesterDay’ssudDendropin Share Price Pretty Much Across The Board Has Created What Market Analystunity. IT TENDS TO BRING OUT INVESTORS TO PICKTHROUGH THE RUINS, Looking forbargains. Decision by Investors That SELLERS GOT A LittleCarried Away with Things So The Buyers HaveliftedAll The Major Indexes Today. THE DOW, Thenasdaq, The S & P 500 Were All Up Around Half a Percent in Early TradingToday, AND That Wasn’t a big surprise. The Sell-Off Continued Somewhatoverseas. EuropeanMarkets Remain Fairly Weak, Along with many of the asian markets. BUT You’llremember That All this Started with a Bigplungeof Around 9 Percent on The stock market inShanghai. Well, Chinese rebounded by around 4 percent.

  7818 Science Professorship

  Well, I’m Absolutely Delighted First Of Allto Have BeenAppointedtoth Professorship. The Role Is Going to Be About Public Engagement in Science,IT IS About Marketing ScienceAccessible AS Wide An Audience As Possible, IT’s About Makingit Easier for OuracademicsHAM To Talk About Their Research To Thegeneral Public and It’s Not Just About a One-Way Flow of Information, IT VeryMuch Is About Dialogue.

  7819 ResearChers

  My Current Research At the Moment Is Reallyquite Broad. I work at the interface between the Arts and humanities,Particularlyarchaeology,But Trying to Find Questions Which Are Difficult To Answer Unless andVisualization.SoRly I Work in this boundary between trying to understand Culturalquestions about the Past, But Those Sorts of Questions That You Can’t Addressunless You Start Reconstructing, Start Modeling and Visualizing PastlandscapesObjects Andmovement of People.

  7820 Electric Car

  Domonoske: Tesla Showed That You Could Makea LuxuryElectricCarfor A Profit. That Got The Attention of Other Luxury Carmaker – Also,GovernmentRegulationsFromCalifornia and Other States That Promote Electric Vehicles. Automakers Used Torespond to Thasemandates.The’d Build What’s Called A Compliance Car. Chelsa sexton, An IndustryConsultant and Electric Vehicle Advocate, EXPLAINS.

  Chelsea Sexton: IT is expensive. It’s nowvolume. It’s hard to get. IT’s Somehow Engineered to Be a little bitunattractivein some war,Very Low Range.

  7821 Motivational Deficiency Disorder

  You’ve Heard About Sars, Aids and bird flu.NOWRESEARCHERSFROMAUSTRALIA CLAIM We’re About To Be Hit by a New Epidemic: MotivationalDeficiency Disorder.

  According to the britch Medical Journal,One InfivePeople Said To Suffer from Motivational Deficiency Disorder, OR MODED, And Mostdon’t Even Know They has it.Symptomsinclude being unable to get out of bed in the morning,Being trapped on the couch.


  Plastics Have to Be Burried Because Therecycling Systems Are Limited.

  History Coursees CAN IMPROVE OUR Ability Tothink critical.

  Have you seen it?