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[War Robots]my.Games Income growth in the third quarter, Zero City is popular in China


  Global game brand my.Games announced the year-on-year increase of 33% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2020.Reach 1.$ 4.5 billion (106.7.2 billion).MY.Games income accounts for Mail.40% of the RU Group quarterly income.The international revenue ratio reached 76% (74% in the second quarter).The number of players of the company reached 7.400000000.


  As of the third quarter,MY.75% of Games income from the phone,The third quarter income contributed to the top five mobile games did not change,Including “War Robots”, “Hustle Castle”, “Love Survive”, “Love Sick: Interactive Stories” and Zero City.

  Mobile game “Zero City” has always been My.Games performs the best work in the Chinese market.Compared with the previous quarter,The number of new users increased by 221%,The number of active users increased by 118%,Buy in the application increased by 142%.


  The “War Robot” downloaded by the Pixonic studio is up to 1.7.7 billion,Created a new record.The major update version of this game “War Robots Remastered” has been launched in October.The resemble game has appeared at the Apple annual conference in September. The “Survival Road” downloaded by the Whalekit studio has reached 27 million.Another game of this studio “War Front: Global Operations” launched players in the battle market in September,Since the launch of the game in January,Downloads reached 12 million.


  MY.Games CEO Vasiliy Maguryan said: “Despite the global COVID-19 lifting,Most of the time for summer vacation,We still have a steady growth in the third quarter.Performance is better than the global market.We have recently integrated Deus Craft,This is an important step in the development of the global game brand.We will continue to invest in 2020 and later.All games achieve strong growth.”

  Multi-platform franchise game “Warfa” leads the growth on the PC and the game console platform.”War Frontline” franchise game is still one of the three major income sources of the company,In May, a new high-quality B2P tactics first called shooting games.Then, localization is carried out in the Middle East market.And Nintendch Switch Edition has accumulated 3.3 million players since its launch in February.


  The number of players “Conqueror’s Blade” is 2.7 million in the third quarter.The monthly income is about $ 1 million.Free online game “Skyforge” will launch a Nintendo Switch version in the fourth quarter,Become my.The second Switch game for Games.

  MAGURYAN summary: “Although the current global situation is serious,We will continue to provide quality games and services to our faithful players.Our new mobile game “Noble Story” (Storyngton Hall) and “Mania Hotel”,And the mobile phone classic game “War Robot” re-version,Both are favored by players.We will maintain this positive situation in the fourth quarter.”

  November 14th to 15th,MY.Games participates in the WEPLAY event in Shanghai.

  About My.Games

  MY.Games is an international game brand (Mail.Ru Group) and leading Eastern Europe online entertainment.MY.Games has 11 regional offices in Russia, Europe and the United States.It has 13 development studios and more than 1,800 employees.MY.Games creates a game product for computers, gamingers and mobile devices.The company operates more than 80 projects.It includes more than 150 products such as “War Robots”, “Hustle Castle”, “Life is a day”, “Skyforge” and “Allods Online”.MY.Games’s products include “warford”, “Archeage”, Perfect World, “Revelation Online”, “Conqueror’s Blade”, and “Lost Ark”.

  MY.Games’s game registered players have reached 7.400000000,Simultaneously,The company is also engaged in media development and operates MY.Games Store platform,And specialize in investment departments (MGVC),Support for games and electrical services.