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[Stronghold Warlord Steam]Early Game Information: PS5 anti-cheat technology,League of Legends mobile game public beta, etc.


  RowlesslySearch for a tribe,Set game information,Please talk about it in steps – Touring the Emirates!

  Daily Game Information: March 11, 2021 Global Game Information,Daily update game latest information,Pay attention to the mortary understanding of more news,What is the movement of the game industry today?


  1.The open world multiplayer adventure game created by FacePunch Studios “Corrosion” has recently been hot,However, some servers in the European service of the game were inexplicably closed yesterday.Officially said that technicians are investigating the issue,Due to fires in the early OVH data center today,25 EU servers are still offline.Very unfortunately,The fire burned the SBG-2 building,All affected server data is all lost,And cannot be restored.At present, the official is replacing the affected server.After the official personnel repair,Some Ouven wear has resumed connection,All game progress has been repaired.


  2.Adidad announced today,The “Tools and MiddleWare” program of Sony PS5 will be added.Bring the Denuvo anti-cheating technology to the PS5 host,For the PS5 game publisher, developers provide game anti-cheating tools.


  3.”Ninja Turtle” clear version of the actions “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: SHREDDER’s Revenge” is now on the frame Steam,Do not support Chinese,Support four-person online,The specific offer date has not been disclosed.


  4.The “Mourning Avengers” officially issued the content of the big update on March 18,Crystal motivation revealed two new features.The official will be in 1.The 5 version updates the function of introducing the battle,And custom HARM (Holicio AR Robot AI) test room.


  5.”Idol Master” series of new work “IM Master: 璀璨” originally scheduled to be officially released on May 27,ICLA officially announced that this is released from October 14, 2021.


  6.East Asia background built by Firefly Studios, building analog RTS game “Fortress: Stronghold: Warlords” on the STEAM today (March 10),Current praise rate 66%,Support Chinese dubbing.


  7.VR Sightseeing Game “VR CHINESE GARDEN TOUR (HD): Flying As a Dragonfly” A few days ago Steam,Support Simplified Chinese,Will be released on March 23,Log in to HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT,Through this VR game,Players can choose to take the dragonfly or become a dragonfly to experience and visit the ancient gardens of China.


  8.ParaNoid Interactive and HyperStrange published the construction of RTS combat factories that will be on May 20th to simulate new travel “Frozenheim”.This work is a construction game in the Viking Times as a stage.Players will play the protagonists who have been exiled from the land of inherited the ancestors.Construction with the people who admire themselves to endure the cold winter and the attacked new village,Use a delicate management system and a wide range of progress to build and develop residential land.


  9.Multiplayer online riding dragon action shooting game “Century: Age of Ashes” released by Playwing Ltd (CENTURY: AGE OF Ashes “issued a new real-machine demo,This work will be launched free of charge in STEAM this year.Support Chinese.


  10.1C Entertainment releases a free play version of an instant strategic game “ancestral heritage”,This version is called “Ancestral Heritage: Free Farmers Edition”.”Ancestral heritage” is currently “special praise” in the Steam country.Game supports Simplified Chinese.


  11.”Comprehensive War: Three Kingdoms” new DLC “Destiny” and 1.7 versions will be released tomorrow,This time we will usher in a wonderful battle of the official.Focus on Cao Cao and Yuan Shao’s two majors.


  12.Automobile simulation game “Urban Bus Simulation” is now on the STEAM platform,Will open the first experience on March 25,Support Simplified Chinese.Players will drive several passenger cars on several famous buslines in Berlin.Manage your team,And with other online players working together,Build an empire.


  13.The official announced today (March 10),”League of Legends” mobile game will open public beta on March 29th in the United States.The public beta opened on March 29,Mainly open areas for the Americas,Including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, USA, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Peru.


  14.Steam officially issued “Extreme Racing: Skyline 4”,Players can be with Xbox and small partners across platform games with the STEAM platform.The game is currently evaluated on Steam as particularly praise.80% of praise rate,The quality of the game is undoubted,But the players spitted Win10 version of flashback,Archive cannot be inherited,Only the problem can only be reopen.


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