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[9anime re zero]Raytheon Zero game this: Performance is a desktop,The price is broken down the bottom line of the industry


  for a long time,The game has always been regarded as the choice of college students in the dormitory.The desktop can often make a higher configuration than the game under the same price.Therefore, it is more suitable for adults with fixed residence.But the sudden epidemic allows the world’s chip shipments that have been affected.The mine boom is even more difficult to make the desktop graphics card.The superposition of the two factors makes the price advantage of the desktop do not exist.Even the situation where we can’t buy it.

  under such circumstances,The game has become more gaming players.According to the statistics,2020,Global gamebook shipments reached 24 million units,The shipments of the game desktop are 16.7 million,The gap on the book is the trend change – facing a broader audience,The game has also begun to gradually develop in the general direction.

  In order to comply with the trend,Hardware manufacturers have worked in the field of notebook accessories.Let notebook accessories gradually approach the desktop product.British Weida launched the RTX 30 series of notebook GPUs at the beginning of this year.Intel also released a new Core 11-generation processor i7-11800h in the near future.The two hardware manufacturers have led the game’s upgrade,Make the game this has a game performance that is comparable to or even exceeds the desktop.

  now,Most mid-high-end games have lowered the priority of portability,Focus on performance improvement,therefore,Instead of understanding these products as “notebooks that can play games”,It is better to see “the desktop that can be taken”.

  Domestic well-known game this brand Raytheon released the new product of the new product of the new product Zero,It is the embodiment of this idea.Thunder Zero adopted a new design language,The first I7-11800H processor and RTX 30 Series graphics card are equipped.Make performances have a new breakthrough.Built-in WiFi-6 network card,Download the Internet is unparalleled.In addition, it is also equipped with a 230W power supply.Let the performance are released.corresponding,The weight of its machine has reached 2.5 kg,Not light,But in the game this is also normal.

  Thunder Zero used a new design of the new design,Combined with various design elements such as bite, stripes, RGB,Refers to a new.Thunder Zero does not use a wire process like this product.Instead, it adopts a new diamond bite flower design.Let the body housing have a polishing quality.The color technology in the electric technology is silver wing,The overall is low-key,There are also versions of more charming oranges,Players who are more likely to display personality.


  Let’s look at the B surface.Raytheon Zero used the arc laser carving keyboard,With keypad,And support RGB lamp efficiency,The self-contained drive can also be adjusted.Where the game player commonly used WASD uses different fonts,Very eye-catching.Keyboard hand is still comfortable,One thing to note is that the keypad “0” keys “.”The key is the same size,And common full-size keyboards have differentiated,Therefore, it is easy to incorporate when entering.Need to adapt to a period of time.


  The power button is independent of the keyboard,The shape of Lei Shen logo is designed.


  Striped design is used on the touchpad.Hope with the hand,However, most players choose the game this will definitely match the external mouse,Therefore, there is little impact.


  The side is the same as that of the previous thunder gods,Wedge design,Make the body look more practiced.There is an outlet in both sides.There is a USB 3 on the left side of the fuselage.1 Interface and one 3.5mm headphone interface,There are two USB 3 on the right side.1 interface,These interface plug-in frequencies are higher.Therefore, it is more convenient enough to be on both sides.It can be seen that Raytheon Zero considers a lot of details when designing.


  There is a wired network port on the back of the fuselage.A mini DP 1.4 interface,An HDMI 2.0 interface,A lightning 4 interface and power interface,Plus three USB 3 on the side.1 interface,Make it full expansion,Easily meet the needs of external screens and other devices.At the same time, two wind ports were also designed.The design of a total of four heat dissipation ports on the side also enables Raytheon ZERO to achieve full range of heat dissipation.


  The rear exit is equipped with RGB lamps.Lei Shen Logo on a side also supports RGB lamp efficiency,Once the “God Line Linkage” function can be synchronized with the keyboard.


  Thunder Zero used a 16-inch 16:10 2k screen,Produced by Jingdong,Screen accounts for 91%,Both side frames are about 5mm,The lower side is only 14.9mm.The design of the narrow border makes the player to focus on the screen.Bring stronger immersion.

  Thunder Zero’s screen supports 100% SRGB color gamut and 10 bit color deep,The contrast is 1200: 1.After software testing,The SRGB color gamut of the Raytheon Zero display is 103%.But pay attention,It may be a problem,The test software will target the screen size for 15.7 inches,But actually 16 inches.


  From the actual effect,Thunder Zero can present a bright picture of color,So in addition to the game,Take it to see animations and film and television are also a good choice.


  The refresh rate of Raytheon Zero screen has reached 165 Hz.More than 144Hz than the mainstream power screen.Testing at the UFO Test website can be found,Its picture is smooth, no tug,Explain that its refresh rate is 165 Hz, which is genuine,Can meet the requirements of the electric competition.


  Raytheon Zero started with Intel i7-11800h processor,The process process is 10 nm,8 core 16 thread.Electric technology also launched it.

  In Cinebench R20,I7-11800H multi-core properties won 4880 points,The single core is 572 points.According to foreign website statistics,AMD R7 5800H multi-core average divided into 4694 points,Single core is divided into 553 points; Intel i7-108700h’s multi-core average score is 3673 points,One core average 473 points.


  In Cinebench R23,The multi-core score of I7-11800H is 12469 points.The single nuclear score is 1479 points.AMD R7 5800H multi-core average is divided into 12072 points,Single core is divided into 1416 points; Intel i7-108700h’s multi-core average score is 9925 points,One core average 1222 points.


  In Geekbench5,The multi-core score of I7-11800H is 9069 points,The single core score is 1561 points.AMD R7 5800H multi-core average is 7867 points,Single core is divided into 1434 points; the multi-core average of Intel i7-108700h is divided into 7759 points.The single core average is 1286 points.


  It can be seen thatThunder Zero’s I7-11800H,Whether it is with AMD or Intel’s previous CPU,Have great improvements.

  Thunder Zero is equipped with RTX 3060 graphics card (also 3070 and 3080 version),Using the Ampere architecture,Equipped with 6 GB Samsung GDDR6 memory and 130W full power design,And support for independent heat dissipation,Can strengthen overclocking performance,Let the performance of the graphics are released.

  In Time SPY,Raytheon Zero built-in RTX 3060 graphics is divided into 8723 points,In today’s notebook GPU.


  Thunder Zero is equipped with a 512GB SSD hard drive,Support PCIe-4.0,Therefore, the read and write speed is not a problem.There is also an empty PCIe-4.0 interface,The two interfaces do not affect each other.It is convenient for users to expand themselves.Electric technology uses CrystalDiskMark to test,Reading speed exceeds 6800MB per second,The write speed is close to 4000MB per second.The overall read and write speed is very ideal.


  Thunder Zero is equipped with a 64WH battery,Not big,But considering that the game is mostly used, it will connect to the power supply.Therefore, there is little impact.Unplug the power,Switch your computer to office mode to play movie tests,After an hour, the electricity is from 89% to 49%.from this angle,As a performance priority gamebook,The battery is more still playing an emergency role.


  After testing all parts of Raytheon Zero,The next link is the copy test.The software used in this test is AIDA 64 and FURMARK,The temperature temperature is 30 degrees Celsius,There is no air conditioner in the room.

  After more than 30 minutes, double-roasting test,Thunder Zero’s CPU power consumption is stable near 52W,GPU power consumption is stable at around 114W,Total is close to 170W.This power consumption is still very excellent in the 16-inch mold.Performance release is also in place.However, it is not enough, the CPU temperature is still high.But because the layout design is reasonable,in use,Players will not have more troubles.


  The design of Raytheon Zero four winds,Let the temperature of the fuselage remain within a reasonable range under high loads.During the copy process,Three parts with the highest temperature are both sides of the air outlet and the top area of the keyboard.It is all parties that don’t come into contact.Entering measurement,The temperature of the left and right air outlet is 46 degrees and 41 degrees, respectively.The temperature of the heat dissipation zone above the keyboard is also very reasonable.


  The temperature at the palm is controlled within 35 degrees.There will be no hot.


  The temperature of the keyboard is 39 degrees,Almost the feeling of warmth.


  Raytheon Zero supports a strong cold,The effect is very significant.The corresponding is noise,Noise reached 60 decibels during the copy.If it is not turned on,Short-time startup,This noise is also within the acceptable range.


  In general,Raytheon Zero’s performance release is in place,The overall dissipation is also good.If the player is on the hot pad,The heat dissipation performance will have an improved space.

  The next thing is the game test link.We have chosen three games this time.It is “Wizard 3”, “CS: GO” and “Watchdog: Legion”.To explain that considering most users’ actual use scenarios,No strong cooling is opened during the test.

  First, look at “Wizard 3”,Although it is already a 2015 game,But its picture quality is still in today,And open full high effects still test computer configuration.In the test,Raytheon Zero can run the game 60 frames at 2K resolution, full high effects,Whether it is a near-plant details or a distant scenery,And the temperature of the CPU and GPU is also controlled within a reasonable range.


  When testing “cs: go”,Resolution or native 2K,But properly lower the image quality,This is because as a TV game,The improvement of the picture quality in “CS: Go” is much better than the number of frames.Most of the game can run around 300 frames during the test.And the test is opened in the tested leisure mode,Therefore, the number of frames in 10 people fighting in the competitive mode of 10 people also increases the space.


  The last “Watchdog: Army” is the light chasing effect of Torn Zero.”Watchdog: Army” also runs with 2K resolution,Effects and light chase are adjusted to “high”,At this point, the picture is maintained above 50 frames.And you can see the streamer in the ground reflects the reunion of the far.Excellent light chase effect is shown.At the same time, the temperature of the CPU and GPU is also controlled within 80 degrees.


  can be seen,When the 3A masterpiece is required to run the configuration,Thunder Zero can control the temperature of the CPU and GPU while ensuring the image quality and the number of frames.This is to be attributed to the wind tunnel Pro heat dissipation architecture 2.0,In addition to two penetrated large diameter heat dissipation copper tubes and memory independent heat dissipation,It also comes with 12V LCP liquid crystal radiating fan, widening high-density fins, and a full-to-range four-air.

  Ying Weida has launched Dynamic Boost 2 on the RTX 30 laptop this year.0 function,The transfer of power between the CPU and GPU is achieved through multiple AI networks.And Raytheon Zero’s wind tunnel pro heat dissipation architecture 2.0 You can adapt to Dynamic Boost 2.0 Adjustments to CPU and GPU power consumption,Flexible heat dissipation.

  In general,3060 version of Raytheon Zero can run the mainstream TV game and 3A masterpiece,It is sufficient to meet the needs of most players.However, when running part of the light tracking effect,If you want to achieve full effect 60 frames, it is still a bit hard.Players need some hits between frames and picture quality.Or choose 3070,3080 versions of higher configurations.

  Tough, practicing the appearance of the RGB lamp, let Raytheon Zero look fashion and cool,Especially suitable for young players.

  As a game that is equipped with Intel’s latest CPU,The overall performance of Raytheon Zero is still satisfactory.Its strong performance, excellent performance release and good heat dissipation make people see the sincerity of Thunder,There is also a solid performance when running the mainstream TV play and 3A masterpiece.The price of 9299 is to make it a sufficient cost-effective product.Directly break down the bottom line of the industry.

  In addition,In addition to 3060 version,Thunder Zero has 3070 and 3080 versions,Players who have higher requirements for configuration can also be considered.Overall,Under the industry in a “rising” and “out of stock”,Thunder God can launch such a product in a timely manner.While reflecting its strong appeal in the supply chain,It also highlighted the fist feeling for players.In fact,For such a performance powerful,The price is attractive product,Players are actually only one requirement – refueling,Strive to make every player who loves Thunder can be snapped up.