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[Emilia RE]Thousands of reincarnation routines,Who can open an anime market like RE0?


  I can’t wake up, I can’t wake up all over the wall.The wife of the spectators just opened by the author, and woke up by the author.

  ”Re: From zero-starting world life” and “sword god domain” although it is two unpryngeable animation works,Even from the perspective of the times, it can be divided into four different categories.But they do have a lot of similarities.

  Both works rulled the roof from all over the world, respectively.Follow the vocaloid and “Oriental Project”, built its own dynasty in the COS circle.They also appear in the bubbling stage belonging to the two sets of roads through these two sets of roads.And becoming the benchmark-level works of the two major lineups.

  At last,They have also attached to the 2020 due to special circumstances.


  As early as 2016,How many people have been deceived by “Re: from zero starting world life” title?In terms of the title,This work is more than “RE:” than the flow of “in the palace of the same world”. – In fact it is indeed a “Re:”.

  Although this “RE:” has never been related official explanation,But most of the original readers and animated audiences will understand it as Reborn (rebirth), Restart, or the meaning of retry (again),The death of the male protagonel in the corresponding work is “reading” ability,And he worked hard and died again in order to save the people around him.

  So almost every time the male protagonists encounter a crisis,You can see a “Do you buy Apple?”The barrage,Because that is the beginning “archive point”.

  But there are also audiences that “RE” is REM and Emilia’s meaning.I suggest two boats of the male protagonist.This is true that it is true.


  But now look back,Instead of saying “sword gods” and “Re: from zero-started” is the benchmark work, the line game Dragon Otan and the cross-world crossing,It is better to say that it is the heterogeneous in these two fields.Especially the latter.

  After all, the “sword god domain” although the quality of the original novel and the animation production is called.But in essence is still in the category of online games,It is the vividness of the sikawa’s old thief.

  Take a look “RE: from zero started world life”,The situation is a bit different,Although the death backtracking ability is a classic “invincible skill”,In the field of animation, there is a final fan of “Code Geass rebellious Lu Lu” series “resurrection Lu Lu Xiu”,There is a “tomorrow edge” in the field of movie.Detroking trace is the core capabilities of the positive reputation role, respectively.

  But from the results,What is the difference between the dish?


  Do you think that the black soul player becomes the protagonist of Long Aotian?of course can,The premise is that this black soul player himself is a superflaw level.”NO GAME NO Life Game Life” is a good example.As for the moon,He is just a common black soul player who can be seen everywhere.Even the kind of beginning,Thank you dark souls.

  Compared with the universal audience, the “cross-world cross” is the first impression of the label,This kind of male protagonist in addition to reading a unobility is clearly not in line with Long proud elements that often have hidden.


  This kind of “first-founded land reclamation” will generally divide three different trends.

  The first one is far-fashioned, and it is very familiar.For example, in April, the “reincarnation of evil generations”, “Although the heroine is not the beginning of the game sense,However, from the characteristics of character, the characteristics of the character, and even the viewer’s viewing experience.It is fully characterized by the characteristics of the beginning of the world.Although the focus is this true special farming.

  The second type is also a repentian flow that everyone is familiar with.Just, in the Japanese ACG author, you can only see a little shadow in your hands.Then, the domestic audience will put a label that repents marriage streams according to this point.In January 2019, the new “The Downstore” of Shield Brave “is the most typical example.Many viewers rushed to the regret marriage,As a result, it naturally touched a nose ash.

  As for the last one,It is “RE: from zero started world life”,Although it has added a deadtrack as a core element,But in essence is still the most innocent worldwide, I will see the land reclamation.As for this work, it is more pure,I am afraid I have to go to the hard core of “Green Magggjers” of ash and fantasy.


  But it is a kind of nicheworthy work that is “Greenmale, Greenman”,For many spectators who have been easy to relax and have a long-lived food show,Even if “RE: from zero-started, it” has also become too stimulated.

  Although you can see countless viewers in the different worlds in the foreign world, they will spit.But it is like many people can’t understand why the anti-Japanese drama can be tireless.From the college, the college ago, the world’s foreign world is crossing.In fact, there are huge market demand to support – it is better to say that domestic viewers should be the most clear.After all, the prosperity of China ‘s network text is obvious to all.

  Look at the newfun,Why is Cygames to do “Princess Lie RE: Dive” TV animation to “give blessings for the beautiful world!”SupervisionWhy do they have to put a play script that has been tested through the market?Instead, try to highlight the food factor of the Gourmet Temple.Re-supplemented with a large number of sand sculptures?This is the case because the mainstream demand in the market is now.


  I really want to vomit a “screenwriter: imaginary math”.

  That “Re: Did you come out of the second quarter of the year of the year from zero.Do not,exactly the opposite,When it is, it can easily open the door in this field.

  The content of the new hardcore is indeed possible to persuade the audience during the preview stage.But there is already a lot of works that are not in this column.After all, the core users of these works have long been fixed.As long as the production group is not surprisingly surprisingly dying,Generally speaking, the number of audience will only increase without decline.

  However, the changes in the times are indeed affecting the audience of the same work.For example, the “sword god domain” The vicious taste of the original old thief is put in today’s environment.The response caused by the response is not bigger than that year.Perhaps this is the biggest problem facing the sequel of well-known animations.

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