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[MONSTER HUNTER RISE]Trend | Nintendo Switch looks forward to masterpiece MONSTER HUNTER RISE officially released


  Waiting for a long time,The classic IP “Monster Hunter” of well-known game developers CAPCOM finally launched “Monster Hunter Rise” on Nintendo Switch.Earlier CAPCOM also announced the update file for sale on the day players on the official website.”Monster Hunter Rise” will have a lot of new and classic magic.Like Leolio, Dragon, etc.The new “Bailong Night” task chain is even more expected,Players need living hunting equipment,Defensive Shenhuo Village is from the big invasion of the magic.Nintendo Switch’s “Monster Hunter Rise” will also provide multi-person online features.Let players can work together with friends.Fall down the magic. Nintendo Switch “Monster Hunter Rise” is expected to be officially available on March 26,As you are interested, please pay more attention.Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a series of stickers yesterday,It officially announced all the US people to purchase all of Tesla’s models in the way of paying Bitcoin Bitcoin.Including Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and the upcoming CyberTruck and we all know,Elon Musk is the fanatics of virtual assets,Recently,He produced music works about NFT,And worth $ 1 million bidding his post NFT,His company also purchased a value of $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin in February.At that time, some people speculated that Tesla will accept Bitcoin payment.Today, “Technoking” personally confirmed this rumor. It is worth noting that it isTesla means that the virtual currency will be converted into a statutory currency transaction.Instead, it is charged through the Bitcoin node of Tesla himself.Do not rely on third party encrypted traders such as Goldman Sachs.At last,At present, although only US customers can use Bitcoin payment,but,Elon Musk has indeed added that this service will be extended to the United States later this year.Japan Toy Grand Medicom Toy’s movable series model “Mafex” product line has fine workmanship, matching movable design, and relative to the price of the people,There is quite high in the toy collector.In order to celebrate the latest theatrical version of the “New Century Evangelian”,In its model “EVA No. 13” as the design theme,Find Perfect-Studio as prototype production,Created a new model of about 19 cm,Let the player can perfect the classic movement scene in the drama.Except for the 13th machine itself,MAFEX EVA No. 13 is now attached to the “New Century Gon Warrior” one of the most classic weapons of the “Langquin’s gun”,Let the No. 13 can be played in a hands hand. The new “New Century Evangelion” theatrical version of Mafex “EVA No. 13” is expected to be officially shipped in November 2021.Pricing is ¥ 10,780 yen,As you are interested, you may wish to pay more attention.