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ATRI -My Dear Moments Konno Asta Roshi


Regardless of the topic to be discussed, the personality, or the development of the plot, you can indeed see a lot of familiar shadows, and there is no routine. It feels standard enough to be the first visual novel for young people.

But writing well means writing well, people set to be pleasing to be pleasing, to be cute is to be lovely, and to cry is to cry, which is not ambiguous at all.

ATRI -My Dear Moments Konno Asta Roshi

In the not-too-distant future, the sea level will rise rapidly for unknown reasons, causing most of the earth’s surface to sink into the sea.
The boy who lost a leg due to an accident, Natsumi Turtledove,
Tired of living in the city, I moved to a small country town by the sea.

The grandmother who was once a marine geologist left his,
Only ships and submarines still have debts.

In order to retrieve the “lost future”, Xia Sheng, together with the mysterious debt collector Catherine,
Dive into the sea and go to the submarine warehouse where the grandmother is kept.

ATRI -My Dear Moments Konno Asta Roshi

over there,
He met an incredible girl, Atoli, who was sleeping in a coffin-like device.

She is a robot with a sophisticated structure that is the same as that of a human, yet rich in emotions.
Atoli, who was salvaged from the bottom of the sea, said so.

“I want to complete the last command left to me by the master.
Before this, I will be Mr. Xia Sheng’s leg! ”

In a peaceful town gradually sinking into the sea,
This is how the unforgettable summer of the boy and the robot girl began