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LOVE³ -Love Cube Download and game reviews


“LOVE³” is a love visual novel game, produced by NEKO WORKs. “LOVE³” tells the story of the impoverished adult cartoonist “Issari Tsukiki” who was guided by a wonderful fate and met three girls one after another. Yicheng’s career has a turning point, and the sudden cohabitation life has also begun. .

LOVE³ -Love Cube- Demo

“LOVE³” is still raised in love. The protagonist is three girls with different personalities. As the hero of the story, the player will live with them and experience some interesting things. The game scene is set in the city. Players can date girls at home, restaurants, streets, shops and other places to experience a happy love life.

Character introduction

LOVE³ -Love Cube

Hayama Momo

“On the outside, he looks calm and composed, but he is actually a childhood sweetheart who is not good at concealing himself and blushes at every turn.”

Professional adult cartoonist. His works are very popular, and his reputation is one of the few in the industry.

When I was young, I made an appointment with Yicheng to realize the dream of becoming a cartoonist together. Now I am working hard for this goal, but I have become an adult cartoonist unknowingly. Even so, she still firmly believes that as long as she insists on drawing comics, she will meet Yicheng again one day.

When working alone, she needs to change her underwear frequently, which annoys her a bit.


“On the outside, she looks sweet and charming, but she is actually a dedicated and straightforward school girl”

A fan writer in a super-famous large club in the fan world. Yicheng was a high school girl, and the two were the only two remaining members of the Comic Research Club.

Although Yicheng did not express her feelings before graduation, she believed that as long as she continued to draw comics, she could meet Yicheng again. She was determined to hone herself and make her rustic-looking herself more feminine.

The moment of creation was a scene in a certain magical girl animation where the heroine was tortured by the enemy. Don’t look at her sweet and lovely appearance, in fact, there is something different from ordinary people in her heart.

LOVE³ -Love Cube

Garden めい

“Big sister with extraordinary vitality and broad-mindedness”

Yicheng and Iori are responsible editors. Since she has practiced judo since she was a child, she has developed a straightforward character.

Yicheng was the first writer in charge of Sheng, and she was gradually attracted to Yicheng as she devoted herself to Yicheng. Face him like a big sister, sometimes harsh and sometimes doting.

Sheng’s salary for working at Black Heart is so low that she will not be reimbursed even if she receives the receipt. She often cries about it.