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PC Gaming Show 2021 recap: watch every trailer and the full show here


This year’s PC Gaming Show show aired Sunday, June 13, beaming 39 new videos, game announcements, and interviews at the world from our new spaceship (and Frankie’s new mech). You can watch the whole show above.

The 2021 PC Gaming Show featured (among a great many other things) a closer look at Dying Light 2, new stuff from New Blood Interactive (not including this Gloomwood video), a new trailer from Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, a short appearance by Valve (yes, that Valve), and new content from studios including Frontier, Fellow Traveller, Tripwire Interactive, Humble Games, Ishtar Games, and Alawar Games.

Below, you’ll find 2021 PC Gaming Show’s trailers and segments as individual videos, in case you want to jump to a specific part of the show. There were some seriously cool-looking games. For our news coverage of everything at the show, including some deeper dives into what was shown, head to the PC Gaming Show 2021 news page.


A battle royale game that focuses on sword combat, martial arts acrobatics, and a grappling hook and climbing system that would make Breath of the Wild blush. There’s also magical abilities, like the power to turn into a multi-armed demon. It features the biggest chainsaw we’ve ever seen, to boot.


Dodgeball is certainly making a comeback, as shown in this sports-infused adventure that mixes real-time combat and RPG skills, like kamehameha blasts that I’m pretty sure would disqualify you in IRL gym class. We scoped out details in the debut trailer, which appears to include 3v3 matches, boss fights, time trials, and more.


The limb-chopping medieval fighting sim is out now, but of course we can expect updates that add more ways for Frasier Brown to die giddily. During the PC Gaming Show, we got a look at the upcoming Galencourt map, which features a port city and cathedral filled with monks.


Imagine Splatoon, but with way more noodles and semi-nude dudes gliding around on unlimited broth. We got details on five different modes players can compete in, including “Team Meatball,” which is like capture the flag, but with a giant meatball you roll around like in Katamari.


The zombie parkour sequel has been a long time coming, but we’re still learning details about how the day/night cycle will change up your death-defying antics. Namely, zombies leave their indoor or underground lairs during the night, leaving them wide open for looters to come get valuable resources, if you don’t succumb to your own infection first.



4X strategy game built to rival Civilization, but with a much bigger emphasis on multicultural influences. Your neighboring countries will obviously impact how your society grows and evolves, and different eras will offer different cultures to adopt societal traits from. Oh, and they put PC Gaming Show host Frankie Ward in the game.


What’s better than an alien cyberpunk ninja cowbow? How about an alien cyberpunk ninja cowboy with three arms? The extra limb makes for some interesting combat, letting you throw bad guys, interact with the environment, and generally mercilessly hunt your bounties through handpainted environments.


We learned that Orcs Must Die 3 is finally coming to Steam, having previously been exclusive to Stadia. The tower defense franchise gets rideable weapons, two-player online co-op, and “War Scenarios” that ramp up the scale of battles.



This Vampire: The Masquerade game was announced before Bloodlines 2, but it’s finally emerged from the shadows with a new trailer focused on Leysha of the Malkavian clan. Swansong is is a third-person RPG that puts you in the shoes of vampires from different clans, each with their own feelings on that whole “hiding from humanity” business.


Finally, the kaiju brawler you’ve all been crying for since Destroy All Monsters. We got first details on this four-player brawler, including super-sizing powerups, environmental hazards like lava, and plenty of buildings to chuck. It even has an Ultraman knockoff.



competitive FPS where you play a time-looping operator. Every 25 seconds, you respawn, but your old copies come back and rerun your previous actions. So if someone grenades your old operator, get your revenge on the next loop while your copies work towards completing objectives. Eat your heart out, Looper.


Imagine Kerbal Space Program, but with an actual narrative focus thanks to FMV cutscenes detailing the journey of a fictitious rocket-building organization. The debut trailer gives us plenty of rockets big and small to attach teddy bears to.