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[Mini Metro]Mum shows how to make mini fried eggs for kids with simple hack


  These mini eggs are so cute

  These mini eggs are so cute (Picture: Instagram/chontelduncan)

  Making food fun for kids can help encourage them to clean their plate.

  So when one mum spotted a hack to make tiny fried eggs, she knew it would be perfect for her toddler.

  To make the tiny version, all you need to do is pop the egg in the freezer.

  Freezing it makes it solid so you can then peel the shell and cut it into slices.

  Once you fry each one, the yolk stays in the centre and the white spreads, creating little fried eggs that look just like the larger version you’d make by cracking the whole thing.

  Fitness influencer Chontel Duncan saw the hack on a TikTok by Alex Bewicke (@thatfalzonfamily) and then shared a video showing what happened when she tried it out.

  In the clip, she said: ‘Here is a really fun way to make eggs for your kids in the morning.

  ‘First you freeze them, then under some warm water, peel them.

  ‘While they are still frozen – check this out it’s really cool – pop it on a cutting board and thinly slice it. Look at how cute they are.

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  ‘On a medium to high pan with some olive oil, pop them down and flip them if you want. I flip mine – I like them that way.

  ‘Season them, finish it off and then serve them fresh or store them for later. Enjoy.’

  Other parents loved the idea.

  One said: ‘I’m sorry but this just blew my mind.’

  Another wrote: ‘Oh em gee! I’m totally going to give this a go for the girls.’

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