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[Clawee – A Real Claw Machine & Crane Game Online]Clawee App: Real Claw Machine, Real Prizes


  Clawee App: Real Claw Machine, Real Prizes

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  Well, who doesn’t like Claw gaming, I guess everyone!

  If you’ve ever fancied playing a claw machine while staying at your homes. We have something that can make your day!

  COVID-19 has changed the world upside down. Everything has been reshaped. How we live, work, interact, and communicate. Unwillingly, we are bound to stay indoors. The field of sports, gaming, and fun has not remained untouched by this global pandemic. To live a healthy life, and stay focussed, it’s important to be productive and happy. As a result, COVID-19 has turned gaming into a new sport!

  Today, we have a super wonderful app with us, Clawee, that lets you play a real-life claw machine game, and offering real prizes to its users delivered at their doorsteps.

  This online gaming app has a lot more exciting features to ponder. Let’s get with the Clawee review and see how this app can make you a win-win!

  Clawee app is an online best claw game app and crane machine game developed by Gigantic LTD. in 2017. In terms of actual gameplay, Clawee is simple and easy to get the swing with. The best part is that there are tons of claw machines to choose from, you don’t have to wait for your turn!

  Clawee App

  It is a superb app to play on a real-life claw machine with live video streaming on your smartphones. Get the real-time experience of controlling physical claw machines, join over 2,000,000 players to get clawing, and win real prizes on this best crane game app online. This app is raising the bar by grooming the user-experience, reducing daily-life stress, and makes you happy, right from wherever you’re.

  Additionally, you can also watch other players playing amazing clutchers over Clawee.

  “It is truly exciting and privileged to bring real innovation into the amazing world of mobile games. We are working to bring additional new innovation of mixed reality games so heads up for our new and unique game to be launched in a couple of months.”

  ~ Ron Brightman

  “Getting inside our machine’s studio during a rush hour of games gets me excited every time. The sound of the machines, and the view – seeing them, hundreds of machines, being moved by people from all over the world is just something I’ll never get used to.”

  ~ Oded Frommer

  Clawee app is a fun and addictive real-life claw machine game app, that comes for free until you win. With ounces of lucrative features, this gaming app is planning to launch its super fantastic feature this December. When you play Clawee, you get a chance to win endless prizes. Let’s have a look at its super cool features with a Clawee game review.

  Clawee app is the best free claw machine app that serves you effortless fun. You can play this game endlessly and win exciting prizes until you win.?

  Play Free Until You Win

  The game also awards free credits to play more. You can receive credits on your account with daily login. You can also invite your friends to play Clawee by sending invites.

  At Clawee, you play with real claw machines, Live! You can control real claw machines physically located at the studios. Also, see your actions with live video streaming.

  100% Real Claw Machine?

  Plushies are the most popular prize among players. But, you can earn gadgets, home goods, accessories, and much more!

  Claw Machine App With Real Prizes

  Here’s a list of the diverse prizes and gifts you can win by playing Clawee:

  Plushies Makeup bags and cases Disney toys Pokemon toys Cosplay items Mystery items Games Slippers Lamps Masks Lights Decals Glitter Bracelets Accessories

  You can also become a Clawee VIP player that offers free shipping on all your wins. You can get this title by paying a one-time fee and get access to better, bigger, branded prizes.

  VIP Free Shipping

  For built-in VIP members, the Clawee app comes with a coin machine system that lets players earn coins on every win. Players can likewise exchange the prizes they win for additional coins and even get gift tickets each time they play. Tickets would then be able to be utilized to guarantee free prizes from Clawee’s freebie shop.

  Get your prizes delivered at your physical locations. So, simply, you can earn whenever and from wherever you’re, regardless of your physical location.?

  New Prizes daily Tons of prizes to choose from Collect tickets and earn free goodies! Unlimited offers, coupons, events, and challenges Free shipping for VIP members Daily bonus for some free and effortless fun Top-quality LIVE video streaming High-quality internet connectivity is required The interface can be improved

  This Clawee app is free to download and does not charge any fee until you win your first prize. However, it offers in-app purchases with $2.99 – $299.99 per item in-app products.?

  Checkout the Clawee game ratings and review details.

  Clawee App Review

  Gigantic Ltd. is the category leader in this new genre of mixed reality games. They keep pushing the bar further to add new gameplay and capabilities for controlling real carnival game machines remotely.?

  Clawee app is one of the best claw machine app and fun-loving game, that gives you a real-time UFO grabber experience while staying at their homes. Controlling real physical machines creates a very unique and exciting gameplay experience. Players enjoy the thrill of the real world without the need to go to the arcade center. But don’t take our word for it. Simply download Clawee for your smartphones and experience the joy!

  We hope that they continue dominating this vertical through our constant innovation and creativity. This is all about the Clawee app review with MobileAppDaily. If you are interested in even more apps and technology-related information, keep visiting MobileAppDaily and Likewise, you can also get your app reviewed with us.?



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