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[The Outer Worlds]Episode 3 of ‘Loki’ Proves That The Only Friend The God of Mischief Needs is Himself, Sorta


  The Loki series on Disney+ is definitely unlike anything we’ve seen before in the MCU and is definitely a major upgrade from the likes of WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

  The God of Mischief is the MCU's first major LGBTQA+ character.

  This week’s third episode especially, drives home the infinite possibilities that the interdimensional adventures of Loki can take audiences.

  In “Lamentis”, we find Loki and his female variant stranded on the titular planet, which is just hours away from total annihilation by way of a collapsing moon.

  This comes after the encounter from the previous episode, with the two Lokis battling one another, almost making into the lair of the Timekeepers, before teleporting themselves on Lamentis and needing to find a way out.

  Outer Worlds

  Slackin' Off: Theories, questions, and speculation about the third episode of Loki,

  Though we’ve seen other distant planets in the MCU, Lamentis-1 was a great setting as it showed off a classist society surviving the apocalypse. Loki and his variant, which we learn in this episode that she calls herself Sylvie, must navigate through it all to escape.

  With it being set in the year 2077, as well giving major ‘The Outer Worlds’ vibes from its colour scheme, futuristic guards, and class divide, this episode of Loki really feels like it came straight out of a video game, complete with a train section and ever changing objective.

  As the pair juggles between using magic and trickery to sneak past guards or just go for an all-out brawl, the action in this episode is paced nicely and spaced out evenly between the more dialogue-heavy parts.

  Loki Meet Loki


  So far, every episode of Loki has given us more and more revelations about the nature of the multiverse and the concept of variants. This episode is no different as it explores what makes Loki and Sylvie alike and different at the same time.

  They may have the same powers, but definitely came from different backgrounds, thus having somewhat different views on life. While our Loki is a lot more mischievous and lighthearted, Sylvie is a lot more driven and focused on her goals.


  We may not have seen or learned anything about the ominous Timekeepers, but at least we now know that the workers of the TVA, are in fact Variants themselves. Lost in the annals of the multiverse and are tasked with keeping it in line.

  Overall, it is a great episode of Loki, ending on a cliffhanger that leaves the fate of Loki and Sylvie unclear. They lost their only means of escaping Lamentis, so who knows how they’ll get themselves rescued.

  Loki is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar. Subscribe today using this link.