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2021 hero League global finals host city announced


We are excited to announce that the 2021 League of heroes global finals will be held in five Chinese cities: Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shenzhen. The specific schedule will be announced later. Top teams from all regions will compete for the championship and runner up final in Shenzhen on November 6.

“After fierce competition, we have finally locked in five Chinese cities and are ready to fulfill our promise to the players to hold the biggest multi City E-sports event ever.” John Needham, head of global e-game for fist games, said.
The global finals of the League of heroes is affectionately known as the “global finals” by millions of players, which is an annual international competition. At that time, the top teams from 12 regional leagues will come together to fight for the championship titles of the summoner cup and the global finals. The competition revolves in different regions every year, and each stage is held in famous cities in the host region. The 2022 global finals will go to North America.
In 2020, the world finals were held in Shanghai in 2020. The 2021 world finals will return to China again this year to complete the promise of city competitions. Each city will be responsible for one stage of the event, and the specific arrangements will be announced later.

The 2020 global finals set a number of E-sports records, with fans watching more than 160.92 million hours and more than 1 billion hours. The 2020 finals of the world championship and runner up were broadcast on 21 platforms in 16 languages. The average number of viewers per minute (AMA) and the peak number of simultaneous viewing reached 23.04 million and 45.95 million respectively.

It has not yet been determined whether the 2021 global finals will be able to receive a live audience. Last year’s world finals champion and runner up competition was held in Pudong football field, Shanghai, and received 6312 spectators selected from 3205750 fans (all applicants need to reach Summoner level 30 or above).

The 2021 finals will be held on November 6 at Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center. The 60344 seat stadium will join all previous global finals, including Pudong football stadium in Shanghai (2020), Accor hotel stadium in Paris (2019), Incheon Wenhe arena in South Korea (2018), National Stadium in Beijing, China (2017), Madison Plaza Garden in New York (semi-final) and Staples Center in Los Angeles (runner up), 2016), Seoul World Cup arena, South Korea (2014) and Staples Center, Los Angeles (2013).