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[World of Warcraft]’World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic’ expansion goes live


  Blizzard announced on Tuesday, June 1, that World of Warcraft has been updated with the Burning Crusade Classic expansion.

  Burning Crusade Classic is an update to the online game’s Classic server set, in which gamers can play in a recreated version of prior versions of World of Warcraft.

  With Burning Crusade Classic, players will work to take on Illidan the Betrayer in the shattered realm of Outland.

  The original World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion came out in 2007.

  The expansion also features the Blood Elf and Draenei races for the Horde and Alliance, respectively, along with the ability for Blood Elf paladins and Draenei shamans to be made.

  Burning Crusade Classic also introduced flying mounts, the jewelcrafting profession, and a host of content for players.

  Due to the nature of these time-locked worlds, current WoW Classic players have options for the growth and continuing adventures of their characters. They can port their characters to be usable in Burning Crusade Classic, or they can continue playing the original WoW Classic content on Classic Era realms.

  Players can also use the same character in both WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic by paying $15 to have their character cloned for use in both eras of the game.

  Boosts to catch up

  Those new to the World of Warcraft Classic server set have the option of purchasing boosts to let them play with their friends.

  For $39.99, the Dark Portal Pass will allow a player on a Burning Crusade Classic realm to bring a character up to level 58, though this is limited to one character per account and is not usable on Draenei or Blood Elves.

  An optional $69.99 Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition purchase, meawhile, provides the boost as well as some extra goodies. These include the Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount, Dark Portal Hearthstone, and Path of Illidan toy for use in Burning Crusade Classic; the Viridian Phase-Hunter mount for use in modern WoW, as well as 30 days of game time, which can be used on all versions of the game.

  More information on World of Warcraft Classic and Burning Crusade Classic is available here. –