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New astronaut Story Sharing: space program and evil invasion?


In the early morning of June 10, Beijing time, national service ushered in the 11.12 version update. From 2020, designers will launch several new skins in almost every version update, and some of them have won the favor and praise of players.

In version 11.12, only two new skins have been introduced: Pool Party SERTI + bloom. I believe that for those players who love the skin of swimming pool party series, there is still a trace of regret.
In version 11.13, the designer introduced four new skins, but they are not the most popular or popular heroes in the current version: kuci, maokai, Ramos and Vega. However, for chaos players, all heroes are likely to play, if you have your favorite skin, you can choose to start, or wait until half price activities.
These four types of skin have been added to the beauty test clothes, in addition, there is a perfect skin. Now let’s share the background story of the new skin for the players:

Astronaut Vega:

Vega was a scientist studying alien energy until he went too deep into the open space exploration… But Vega came back, but the one who came back was different from the one who floated away before. No one doesn’t know why, but he feels more… Evil? It turns purple, too.

Astronaut Ramos:

Ramos was once considered a core asset of the space program to transform new planets – until he dug up an unexpected purple surprise. Now, he has become a completely different kind of thing, and his energy is used for evil purposes through the hands of evil invaders, the wood spirits.

Astronaut Kutch:

Commander Kutch is a veteran of the space program and its fearless leader. After traveling with his valiant crew to a new and unexplored planet, he became friends with a lost alien spirit, who became his assistant and ally in exploring the galaxy. They fly together, blocking the invasion of the evil purple wood spirits that threaten the universe.

Astronaut Mao Kai:

Maucay was the first tree to grow on the Mulin planet, and gained consciousness because of the potential power of the mules who lived in his trunk. Now, he lives in his new home, collecting and taking care of the young wood spirits who need a hand (or a branch).
The source plan: the ultimate goal of disaster
Facing the endless cluster of Maud Caesar and poisoning machines, the failure of robbery is close at hand. He found an abandoned research facility in the center of the wasteland, and searched for all kinds of illegal and potential dangerous upgrades to enhance his combat effectiveness. His return may mark a turning point in the “battle of the city”… Although he has transformed into something that is superior to humans and machines.