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[Assassin’s Creed Valhalla]10 Best Mysteries In Assassins Creed Valhalla And Where To Find Them


  With 233 total mysteries, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can really bog the player down with side quests. These 10, however, are really worth doing.

  By Jessica Filby

  Published Jun 02, 2021


  NPCs in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

  With tons of storylines to complete, villages to raid, and mysteries to solve, any player knows they’re in for a long time playing Assassins Creed Valhalla. Of course, fans of Ubisoft’s long-running stealth-action series will be accustomed to that.

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  The mysteries and world events contain anything from dunking a smelly man in a lake, badass fighting nuns, and so many easter eggs! Ultimately, there are too many to choose from, so why not try these 10 that are guaranteed to bring a laugh—and maybe even a challenge.



  This wonderful little easter egg is guaranteed to make anyone smile! It involves a little?girl called Winifred living in Cent who is struggling to get the honey she needs for her friend. Therefore, she asks Eivor to give her a hand.

  Once the player gets it for her, they’ll bear witness to this friend they speak of, an actual bear which most would assume to be Winnie The Pooh. The next few scenes are pretty adorable, and, if the player keeps an eye on her, they’ll see Winifred with many other forest friends.

  To find this mystery head to the southwest of Cent, just on the border of Suthsexe.

  Split image of the archery competition and Robin hood himself

  This is one of two Robin Hood easter eggs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but, in quite a few fans’ opinions, this one is the most fun. After all, what player doesn’t want to take part in an archery competition with one of the merry men?

  Depending on the player’s archery skill, this mystery can be really tough or as easy as pie. Even so, there’s something extremely fun about interacting with these legends. To get to this mystery, head to the southeast of?Snotinghamscire, and the player should see Sherwood Forest. Head north of that hideout, and a group of merry men should be practicing archery. Good luck!


  Fight club location

  The first rule of fight club, as everyone knows, is to not talk about fight club, and that couldn’t be truer with the hidden fight club in?Leicestershire. There may be an icon around the place, but it’s not always as easy as just walking in! The player needs to find the password, but that’s something they need to figure out themselves, but, as a hint, those ropes and platforms on the trees—one of them, in particular—can be helpful.? When the password has been acquired, the player gets to explore a literal fight club, and they can even participate. It’s perfect for those players who are eager for a little bare-knuckle fighting.

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  To find this mystery, head to the middle-north of?Leicestershire and find a burly man guarding a house. Speak to him, and either have level three charisma or find the password.

  Raid lovers in their house

  This rather funny yet uncomfortable mystery is located in the town of Alrekstad in Hordafylke. It involves a couple who seem to be struggling to connect. The wife is unhappy with the way her husband is lacking to… satisfy her needs. So, obviously to fix this problem they need the aid of a random stranger who is tasked with smashing and burning their house to reenact the raid which brought them together.

  It’s hilarious and pretty easy to do, and it’s definitely a quest to remember. Make sure you’re in Norway and head into Alrekstad—the woman is standing outside her house, so it won’t require much hunting.


  Woman asking for viper eggs

  This is one of the most well-known mysteries in the game, and rightly so. It’s hilarious, and it can be pretty challenging. Nevertheless, this wonderful mystery involves finding some viper eggs for an odd woman underneath a well. After collecting the eggs, the player discovers what they’re really for.

  To find this mystery, head to the town of?Ledecestre and find the two men standing by the well. They’ll be complaining about the smell. Simply head to the cliff nearby, find the cave and enter, and watch for the vipers.

  Beginning oi the nuns quest

  Many players assumed that this may have been a simple quest; all Eivor would need to do is fight the guards that stole from the innocent nuns—but they’d be wrong. The fighting is definitely part of it, but Eivor doesn’t act alone! These badass nuns end up joining in. It’s a great sight to see, and it’s one that many players remember for the rest of the game.

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  To get here, simply head to the east of?Ledecestrescire and look for a key. Then head towards the church and speak to the awesome nuns looking for revenge.


  The Walloper

  As previously touched upon, Valhalla makes frequent references to pop culture material, and this?One-Punch Man Easter egg is one of the game’s best examples.?In?Grantebridgescire, there lives a man who has apparently been blessed with the strength of a god. His nickname is the Walloper, and he’ll challenge Eivor to a fight. Just be careful; there’s a reason he’s been given that nickname.

  To find this one, simply head to the southeast of?Grantebridgescire and follow the only mystery on that side of the county.

  Degolas' son

  The wonderful Legolas is hardly forgotten about when it comes to Lord of The Rings, and Degolas will never be forgotten in Assassins Creed Valhalla?despite him being the polar opposite. This mystery involves a particularly dirty man who covers himself and his house in cow dung, with Eivor questing to find a way to clean the place. Its a hilariously fun challenge and one that’s well worth the effort.

  Still in?Grantebridgescire, head to the north and find the Roman ruins. The mystery is just by those.


  The lady of the lake location

  This rather creepy mystery is wonderful to play and is quite different from many other quests Eivor can stumble across. When Eivor is walking along, they’ll find and hear a singing lady who seems to come out the lake nearby. What happens next is a little disturbing and bloody, but it’s undeniably memorable and unique.

  To find this, head to the border between?Glowecestrescire and Hamtunscire on the southwest of the county and look for a bridge over a lake and a small house. Once there, she should start singing.

  Speaking to Keith

  In memoriam to the late Keith Flint, the developers of Assassins Creed Valhalla put in a lovely and light-hearted Easter egg. This mystery involves a band and a singer named Keith. During the world event, the player will need to fight a bishop which prompts Keith to say “smack my bishop,” which is similar to Prodigy’s song “Smack My B***h Up.” There’s more than one easter egg in this mystery, which makes it well worth trying.

  To find this mystery, head to Essexe, go the mystery on the mid-west of the county and find the shirtless man.

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